The Villain (2014)
boring lift
27 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Aisha is an ill girl, Guru is a ruthless gunda with horrible childhood, Rakesh is a obsessed husband who is made fun by everyone, KRK is Rakesh's colleague and male chauvinist. Aisha has a set of wish to fulfill before she die, which includes making Guru a good person and she successfully manage to do that, they get married and Guru finds a new job.

Rakesh kills every other girl who makes fun of him one of which happens to be a pregnant Aisha, after killing the victim he gifts their belonging to his ever scolding wife. Guru tracks down Rakesh by seeing a random kid with a paper fan in church(Only Aisha could make those fan in whole of Mumbai). Guru plans to have his revenge slowly however not killing Rakesh. Finally Rakesh is killed by a random guy in a mahindra scorpio. Guru is a changed man now and adopts now dead Rakesh's orphan child.
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