My heart is just fine as long as my brain is not exposed to this movie.
23 May 2014
The first time I have heard of this title was in an review by The cinema snob. Judging from his review, I saw how bad this movie was. I than looked for the full movie. And OH MY GOD WAS THIS MOVIE BAD.

I will now explain the story. You see that this review has no spoiler warning, because you can tell the plot in just one line: An obese mental patient who kills everyone who is standing between her and the fridge. That's the entire story in a nutshell, there are some other things like the characters and the ending that I won't tell you (you can watch the cinema snob's review if you want to know that).

The "effects" on the blood are just cheap. The actors (if you can call them) don't look at the person they are talking to, and the music is driving me Criminally Insane.

This is an Z grade movie, so I am not surprised by the fact that this movie sucks, but I have to admit that this movie is hilarious, because of how bad it was. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS!!! (especially the sequel)
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