Review of Het vonnis

Het vonnis (2013)
25 March 2014
The cast is picked brilliant, the acting is great and the story totally convincing. I was drawn into the movie, it grabbed me almost in a 3D fashion and it didn't let go till long after I had left the theater. Even when the movie gets to the point where it's most likely to become dull, it kept me totally fascinated due to righteous argumentation's. The movie matters for it argues convincingly that righteousness is the most important value to society. It's what a successful state characterizes. It's the social contract between citizens and state. Thusfar a citizens best chance to righteousness has been in democracies. But it's not a given fact and even vested democracies risk implosion due to injustice. The movie greatly shows the difficulty in defining principles as justice and righteousness and how defending those basic human rights can lead to totally opposite conclusions. I don't envy the jurors that didn't get a chance to go for a compromise and wander what my verdict would have been...
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