Just awful, pointless and dull
21 March 2014
Someone is killing people at a Coney Island amusement park. Don (a d.a in training) and his whiny girlfriend Laura go to investigate.

You know--I love bad horror movies. But I love the ones that are so bad they're funny. This isn't funny. It's full on unpleasant characters that you want dead within minutes. The movie is also 95% dialogue--all of it bad and uninteresting. People just walk around or stand around and talk endlessly about nothing. The dialogue is terrible and the acting is even worse. The movie has an R rating for three gory murders. They ARE bloody but have the worst gore effects I've ever seen outside of a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie. It was so bad I thought they were kidding. I fast forwarded my way through most of the movie. Did I mention it has FOLK music during the movie which is REALLY out of place. This is only of interest as being Burt Youngs' (billed here as Jack Harris--wise move) first film. Really dull and just very VERY bad. This can safely be avoided.
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