Nemesis Game (2003)
Movie raises too many questions, but not the good kind.
10 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think the biggest problem with this movie is it seems to want you think that this is a deep movie, when in reality it is just a lazy, poorly developed movie. The acting is average and the characters aren't particularly compelling and fairly forgettable. There's a girl who lost her mother in a car accident who after exploring a hobby of subway riddle solving, finds herself in the midst of some sort of riddle solving cult and gets herself killed.

I'm not sure what the makers were expecting, for me to be watching this with a notebook and jotting down notes to piece this story together. I did find myself rewinding parts of the movie, not for this reason, but because some parts were barely audible. The crazy cult leader lady I could barely hear what she was saying. I understand they want to make it sound dramatic when she tells the line about it all being a part of the design, but the mixing job on this was less than stellar.

I'm not sure what philosophical point they were trying to make or even if there was one to be made. Are they advocating some sort of predetermined fatalism? Are they all deranged nihilists?

If you are looking for a deep intellectual movie, this is not the movie for you. If you are looking for a movie for people who think they know a deep intellectual movie then maybe you might enjoy this one.
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