Adventures of Superman (1952–1958)
The original Super Hero classic !
9 February 2014
Probably the first modern super hero TV series, and at the time it was first on air was more famous than the comic it was based on.

Every episode of this series is a classic. Nothing that came before it in super hero genre, was done with as much good acting, and class. I only knew the series as reruns, but I remember that this was the first super hero show I've ever seen in my life. It never failed to entertain every time I saw it as a kid. It combined humor, drama, and element of ridiculousness done with charm like no other programs of this type in the '50s had. It also didn't look cheesy, like all other series of this type in the '50s did.

The characters all left indelible impression on us. Especially Noel Nelle's Lois Lane is a classic that all future Lois Lane was compared against. She was the other "star" of this show.

The series aged well, and even today it provides entertainment like no other show. Without a doubt, this is the classic of all classic super hero TV series.
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