The Irate Gamer (2007– )
Terrible series
18 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Chris Bores fails to impress in this terrible series that does not review games.

A reviewer's job is to provide ample detail of content and personal opinions of the game that's being reviewed. Having a strong backlog of gaming experience, as well as a depth of knowledge of the variety of game genres, is very much needed when you're attempting to pass yourself off as a credible reviewer that mass-public should take seriously;

Chris is neither of these things. The Irate Gamer Show strongly focuses on weak and unnecessary stories that attempt to tie into the game being reviewed. It's clear that criteria exists for ample reviewing, in that in order for a game to be reviewed it must have enough set up for bad jokes, it must be a game he can play (if it's a neo review), and must have cheats available.

The Irate gamer show is split into the classic Irate Gamer HD show, Irate Gamer neo, I-rate the 80s, IG Shorts, and History of Video Games. His biggest problem is that his research is weak, making critical mistakes that are typically written off as 'jokes'.

Common mistakes include: - Citing the Genesis was made to compete with a console that wasn't even out yet. - Marking frustration at a game for not having a number 9 on its roulette when there in fact 'is' a 9 on there. - Saying Al Alcorn's name as Al Acorn.

To sum up, Chris Bores is not a real gamer. He complains many games are too hard, even at the easiest setting, reviews the first level of games whilst commenting many times that he only played a few hours into the game. Christ also fails to go into any depth of detail regarding the game, aside from very basic information such as characters, locations and main objective - there are never any details regarding the story, controls, playability, etc.

The Irate Gamer show serves as a piggy-back for his other work, as Chris shows gaming to be one of his lesser skills. I'm also disgusted that he lets him 'mom' parade around the channel comments, spouting incredibly childish and offencive remarks towards anyone who shows negativity. Personally, I am in the majority that believe he portrays his mother, and it's rather sad.

I honestly don't feel he's trying, and until he has a bit of humility about him I won't give him the time of day. Shut the channel down and try something else.
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