Weird Science (1985)
Amusing Science in the 80s
4 October 2013
'Weird Science' is a funny, quirky and silly teenflick directed by the one and only John Hughes. Yes, it's cheesy and the story is ridiculous but it's 80's fun, hilarious and has heart. Of course it looks dated but at the same time, it's the kind of film one will be revisiting. The special effects are quite laughably awful and who could forget the 80s costumes and hairstyles but that's what makes it so enjoyable. 'Weird Science' has all the ingredients of a successful 80's teen comedy. Then there's the ultrahot Kelly LeBrock and Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Anthony Michael Hall playing the dimwitted teens desperate for a girl. You'll also see a young Robert Downey Jr. (in 80s getup) playing the popular bully kid and of course Bill Paxton as one of the worst brothers on film.

'Weird Science' is certainly something for an 80s classic fan. In addition to humour, it's got an amusing dose of science fiction and action.
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