Warmly upbeat and surprisingly meaningful...
20 September 2013
I avoided this movie like the plague after I saw negative reviews all over the internet (some of which you'll find on this site) and only picked it up to watch today because I felt like laughing at a terrible movie--and I like Sarah Jessica Parker. It turns out that this movie is super heartwarming and upbeat. SJP is very cute and charming, with none of the stiffness I found a bit off-putting in "The Family Stone". She and Greg Kinnear manage to create a chemistry that is actually believable. And Greg Kinnear is so manly in this film I actually found him a bit strong and handsome. I realize that the story is kind of a fairytale, but overall the movie seems to just be pointing out that it is different to live life in this world as a woman than it is to live it as a man--not just because of the way the world treats us but because of how we see and approach life. Women are capable, special creatures, with their own, unique purpose in the world--not in a "women are less than men and are here to cook and clean" type of way, but in a "the world would be poorer without what women bring to the table" way. To me this film is a celebration of womanhood and the important, myriad roles we play in society along with the joy and compromise that can be found within them. I enjoyed the performances of all the actors and actresses in this movie, although (apart from the two leads) I especially enjoyed Olivia Munn, Pierce Brosnan, and Seth Myers, who I always like to see. If you're on the fence, please ignore the critics and check out this film, it will restore your faith that decent, light, truly funny,feel-good movies do get made in Hollywood.
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