Has it's moments in a so bad, it's good way..
18 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
(Plot) Clark (J. Eddie Peck) and his girlfriend Lisa (Jill Schoelen) go on a road trip in the desert, only to find out that it's filled with poisonous snakes. One manages to sneak into their van. Clark winds up getting bit by one of the dastardly things, and he starts transforming for the worse. His hand turns into a snake head, and his body becomes filled with snakes.

This is stupendously awful stuff. It's completely unrelated to the first movie in this series, and thank god for that. Both movies are rather heavy-handed, but this one has something the first Curse movie doesn't, the fun factor. It actually begins in a very monotonous way. Aside from a brief scene (which is admittedly creepy) where a bunch of snakes randomly appear on the road, nothing of note really happens. Only when Clark gets bitten does the fun really begin. One thing you must remember is the suspension of disbelief. If you accept that this is cheese, you'll most likely have moments of fun like I did. The effects are actually pretty decent for the budget. This movie is really bad, but the snake head is actually fairly ingenious, and managed to give me the willies a little bit. I do have a carp though. There are too many scenes where we see Jamie Farr (Harry) wandering around like an imbecile, searching for the lead characters. It also has a couple of stupid supporting characters. Bo Swenson as the sheriff was completely unnecessary. I felt they should have directed the focus completely on Clark's plight with Lisa doing everything she can to save him from his predicament. It was a missed opportunity. It does have plenty of scenes of the two, but that time could have been spent to augment it even more. The transformation scene at the end has to be seen to be believed. It's gloriously disgusting and very memorable. I'm not sure how they managed to pull the transformation scene off, but it's something else. It's pretty gory to say the least. It also has echoes of the finale of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 a little bit, with the love story and everything. Eddie Peck is the perfect lead for this type of B movie. Not only was he sympathetic, but a pretty decent actor as well. Jill Schoelen's character can be a bit domineering in a couple scenes, but she was thoroughly likable for the most part, and a cutie to boot.

Final Thoughts: If you can handle some monotony, you'll be rewarded with some fun cheese as well. Loves of bad movies will rejoice at this one. It's not something I'll ever watch again, but it sure as hell beats watching the first Curse movie.

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