Science Fiction Theatre: The Frozen Sound (1955)
Season 1, Episode 15
If I Could Keep Sound in a Bottle
12 July 2013
This effort is about a federal investigation into the leaking of the details of a very important meeting. An FBI agent comes to check on a man (Ray Collins--Lieutenant Tragg of Perry Mason fame) who has always been above reproach. He has done incredible service for the government, but now falls under scrutiny. He has an incredibly tiresome blonde daughter who fills up way too much screen time. She starts to fawn all over the live-in agent who turns out to be a pretty good guy. The focus turns out to be on the ability of crystals to absorb sound and act like primitive tape recorders. This is real Cold War stuff as are many of the SFT productions. Still, I saw this when I was a teenager and was quite taken with the concept. I really wished it was possible.
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