Robot & Frank (2012)
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11 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Frank, an aging one time high class thief, is facing a difficult stage in his life. He has become forgetful and his son, Hunter, cannot cope making the trip to check on the old man forever. The solution? How about a robot to help him with ordinary things around the house and be his companion, not that he asks for it. To his amazement, Frank becomes dependent of the latest gadget in his daily life.

The small town where Frank lives, has seen the invasion of the newly rich who have bought into everything in the village and surrounding areas. Frank has read almost every book in the local library, which Jennifer, the old librarian, tells him is going to close for reforms, as well as reopen with a new vision. Frank finds himself at a loss with these developments, so he wants to teach some of the hateful newcomers there is still life in the old man.

A delightful comedy directed with wit and style by Jake Schrier was a surprise when it was shown on cable recently. Written by Christopher Ford, the film has its heart in the right place. Frank resents the intrusion in his world by all these strangers invading his way of life, making it more difficult for him to cope with his life as he ages and cannot accept changes to things he holds dear. It is his desire for justice that prompts him to take matters into his own hands, mocking the superficiality as well as the greed of the newcomers. The robot presents a new reality to his way of thinking, rejecting the good aspects of being helped, at first, then adapting the device to his own needs.

The great Frank Langella gives life to Frank. The actor is the whole reason for watching this movie because one can identify with a man that cannot comprehend what is going on in his world, as his mind plays tricks on him. The older man does not welcome changes to his way of living. Mr. Langella is a joy to watch. Susan Sarandon plays Jennifer, the librarian, who we learn later in the film has a deep connection to Frank. Peter Saarsgard is heard as the voice of the robot. James Marsden and Liv Tyler complete the cast.
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