Modern Family: The Butler's Escape (2012)
Season 4, Episode 4
27 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Luke has had it with magic. He begs Claire to plead to his father to let him quit doing his tricks around the house. Phil, clearly disappointed, but not trying to show it, goes along with the request, only asking his son to do a last Butler's Escape skit. Luke does it almost effortlessly, while Phil, putting his own costume, cannot manage to get out.

Jay is having a tough time with Gloria's snoring. Not only him, but Manny is also bothered by the loud snores coming from his mother's bedroom. Jay decides to find a solution by pretending to go to San Francisco, but checks into a hotel. He is not prepared for a surprise he was not planning for.

Cam has a new job replacing a music teacher in Manny's and Luke's class. He is not prepared for the reaction of the kids in his class, for they do not appreciate his teaching skills. Meantime, Mitch has to take over his partner's chores with Lily, something that proves to be too much.

Directed by Beth McCarthy Miller, and written by Bill Wrubell, the episode gets things right with all three families. The cast does everything right, resulting in a fun time for the viewer.
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