A Hard Ridin' Hard Shootin' Chemist
14 June 2013
With a little bit borrowed from Destry Rides Again, Roy Rogers gets the job as sheriff in his hometown of Rogers City where there's been a lot of rustling and even epidemics of hoof and mouth disease that are driving the local ranchers to get out. Gabby Hayes and Pat Brady go east to bring Roy back to the place where both his father and grandfather were sheriffs before and which place is also named after them.

Needless to say that they're a bit disappointed that Roy is happy and content as a research chemist. But as it turns out those skills are exactly what's needed to get the evidence and then get the villains. Not that Roy eschews riding and shooting by any means.

Maris Wrixson who usually plays sophisticated women or gangsters molls was an unusual choice for a leading lady for Roy. Still she acquits herself well.

But I might have rated this one a bit higher if wasn't for one of the most colossal pieces of stupidity ever shone on screen. While the bad guys have Roy, Gabby, and Pat at bay, what does Gabby do but start practicing his juggling act with bottles of nitroglycerin. Damn near blows them all up. In fact Gabby also at one point tips Roy's hand to the bad guys with his big stupid mouth. Gabby is usually amusing, but never downright stupid as he is in Sons Of The Pioneers.

And speaking of them Bob Nolan and the group are here lending support to their former member. Though the group really has nothing to do with the title of the film and the title gives you no information as to the story, the film is still a good Roy Rogers film even Gabby's idiocy.
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