Quiet... they might be listening...
26 May 2013
Photographer Peter (Franco Garofalo) and his model Karin (Sherry Buchanan) are abducted by a UFO. Reporter Tony (Robert Hoffmann) investigates and discovers that a mysterious organisation called 'The Silencers' have been covering up evidence of alien visitations to Earth.

Less than 48 hours after watching Eyes Behind the Stars, which pertains to be more sci-fact than sci-fi, the precise details of its plot escape me. I can vaguely recall terrible acting, numerous protracted scenes of inane dialogue between extremely dull characters, some really crap alien costumes, and the overuse of a fish eye lens to give the effect of an alien presence, but very little else.

While this is probably due to the fact that the film bored the hell out of me and my brain has refused to retain anything more than the basics, it might just be because, having seen the film, I knew too much and The Silencers have wiped my memory (cue eerie sci-fi music......).
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