One of, if not the best "So Bad its Good" film ever
3 April 2013
It is hard not to love this film. It is by far the most endearing of the "so bad its good" category. You got high kicking ninjas, an awesome 80s rock band (who has some of the catchiest music I have ever heard about friendship), and blood spattering death fights. What is not to love. You can tell that this project meant a lot to our hero Y.K. Kim, the leader of the rock band Dragon Sound. He was the writer director and star of the film. Even when money fell through during the picture he put up his own funds to finish the film and aren't we glad he did. The band Dragon Sound has to fight drug dealers and ninjas, the two worst things in the world. And how do you fight them. Material Arts of course. Besides the awesome fighting and death scenes, is the great 80s atmosphere and attitude. This movie is dripping with nostalgia and it rules. This film is the new Troll 2, which all so bad its good movies will always be compared to. Writing this review makes me smile just thinking of their coolest song in the movie, Friendship Forever. If you do not love that song you do not have a heart. Highly Recommended!!!

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