The guy from Blade Runner meets the worst of 80s action
1 April 2013
If you are looking for bad acting, bland storytelling and explosions. Look no further. You found it. Are main character (the guy from blade runner that wasn't Harrison Ford) is a bounty hunter who has a mark on his head from a terrorist played by none other then Gene Simmons (you know it is a winner if you have that weird guy from Kiss as one of the main characters). Explosions, people die, more explosions, more people die, and on and on. You never really care for any of the characters through the entire film and you do not care if they die or succeed. I like Rutger Hauer (the guy from blade runner) in other films such as LadyHawke and the Hitcher, but he is not a action star so I do not know why he tries to be. Actually I do know, its because he was trying to be the next Harrison Ford and failed miserably. The sad thing is is that Hauer is probably a better actor then Ford but once again it all comes down to connections and Ford was friends with Spielberg so instead of having a Boulder, Nazis and snakes be your enemy you have Gene Simmons with his terrible acting and trademark tongue as your arch nemesis. If you like explosions and mediocre storytelling with Gene Simmons as your bad guy then you will love Wanted: Dead or Alive.

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