Hostel: Part III (2011 Video)
A pretty dismal film
30 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The first Hostel pretty much laid out the entire plot for all the other Hostels: a few guys go out for a good time, but are quickly ensnared by the notorious "Hound" network, which subjects them to all kinds of unspeakable torture.

So the question is this: does Hostel Part III have anything new to contribute to the ongoing and rather tedious Hostel saga? The answer is absolutely nothing. The characters in the third Hostel are even less likable than the ones in the first Hostel, with the result that we are not concerned about their personal safety. Since there are no compelling human stories to hold this film together, there is an absence of any true suspense. We are more horrified by the gratuitous gore and violence and relatively unconcerned about the people who are subjected to this violence.

This segue leads to the film's second problem: the camera lingers on the torture scenes for much longer than is appropriate. I got the distinct impression that this movie was tailor made for psychopaths, sadists, fans of the BDSM clubs, and any other lowlifes you care to name. If your date admits to liking this sort of crap, my advice is to end your relationship with that person now and never see him or her again.

There are just a couple of things I like in this film, but those virtues are hardly the result of any good film making. The vindictive and nasty banter than goes on between the pretty boy Scott (Brian Hallisay) and the friend who betrayed him is unintentionally funny. They yell at each other a lot, but it sounds so insincere that it seems more humorous than dramatic. I also like Sarah Harbel's performance as Kendra, which successfully combines a sultriness with an implied air of malevolence. The sole purpose of Kendra is to convince us that she is somehow connected to the "Hound" network. Unfortunately, Harbel is given little to say or do and one wonders whether "Hostel Part III" would have been a more interesting film (keep in mind it is just skipping along rock bottom ) if it focused more on Sarah Harbel than the other characters. But aside from these two elements, the latest Hostel is a pretty horrible film. 2.5/10
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