See through Guinea pigs!
26 March 2013
Ah, now this one gets a bad rap here, but it's too short to be tedious and too cute to be annoying. At 57 minutes, you've got a nice compact sci-fi film that won't tax your brain too much (unless you try thinking about the plot).

Joey Faust gets busted from the barry hole by a dame, and gets taken to a farmhouse run by a mysterious and shifty ex-army guy who wants to use both Joey's lockpicking skills and a mad scientist's invisible ray gun to create an army of invisible men. That's good stuff right there.

After turning a guinea pig invisible, Joey kind of eventually agrees to go for it, and I liked that the moment he turned invisible he started beating the shifty guy up. Joey's out for an invisible score but he finds one problem - the ray's effects don't last that long. What's a career criminal to do? Find redemption by rescuing the mad scientist's daughter?

Never dull, full of banter and daft effects, punch ups and the mad scientist asking the audience a direct question I was too thick to understand, I really liked this little film. Loved the stock footage nuke blasts too!
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