Total Recall (I) (2012)
2012 Effects, Age 12 script.
1 February 2013
Big disappointment. Compared to Ahhrnold's version, this remake had 100x the effects budget, 0.01x the writing budget. A full 20% of the script lines contained or consisted of "C'mon."

Excellent ideas and effects though, wowwee. Elevator between UK and Australia is visually brilliant and interesting. No one on set grasped more than a 4th grade level of geology and physics, but hey, it's still fun.

Colin Farrell, hang a WTF sign around his neck, and you could trim 75% of his camera time. Jessica Biel is underutilized. As is Bryan Cranston.

And oh the lovely Kate Beckinsale. She's the difference between 2 star and 3 star, though I'm not sure in which direction. Let's see, cop, ex-wife, corrupt, gorgeous, ruthless, slavish to the main villain, salon hair. Pick two, or four at the outside, but never saddle her with all seven. Dude that's just rude.
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