The High Chaparral: The Arrangement (1967)
Season 1, Episode 2
Good start for the series
15 September 2012
Big John Cannon enters into a marriage of convenience with the daughter of a powerful Mexican cattle baron in order to cement an alliance against rampaging Apaches. Cannon's young son Billy, still grieving over the death of his mother who was killed by Apaches, resents his new stepmother but resents his father even more for getting married "before my ma is even cold in her grave". As if Big John didn't have enough trouble, he learns that Apache chief Cochise is about to lead an attack against his ranch.

This second part of the series' two-part pilot serves as a good introduction to the series. Linda Cristal is fine as the beautiful patrician daughter Victoria Montoya who is Cannon's new wife, Cameron Mitchell is in his element as Buck, Big John's raucous and rambunctious brother. Mark Slade overdoes it a bit as the headstrong but sensitive young Billy, but the climactic Apache attack on the ranch is exciting and well-done. Overall, a very worthy effort.
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