A lot of fun, but I do think Daffy has done better
15 August 2012
I say this as someone who regards Daffy Duck as one of her favourite cartoon characters. That is not to say that Duck Soup...To Nuts is not good, I happen to think it's great, but not one of the best cartoons that Daffy has starred in or is the big star like Duck Amuck, Duck Dodgers in the 24.5 Century, The Hunting Trilogy(with Bugs and Elmer) and The Wise Quacking Duck. Daffy is on top form though, I do prefer his wilder and more manic side than the greedy persona he'd adopt later and together with great rapport with Porky and some very witty lines and catchphrases he is a joy to watch. Mel Blanc also helps hugely, brilliant as always. Porky is good, the rapport with Daffy is right on target but I've compared to Daffy always found Porky rather bland. The animation is mostly great, the character designs seemed rough around the edges to me but the backgrounds and colours are very fluid and pretty. The music is jaunty and full of energy, while the dialogue is witty and the sight gags come by thick and fast and while a couple of them are rather juvenile by Daffy standards most do work. The ending is a great surprise, I do always have a good chuckle hearing the "family"'s names. It is a rather mean trick to play on Porky come to think of it, but one that's funny, surprising and with Schumann's Traumerai playing almost moving as well. Overall, fun and definitely worth watching, but at the same I'd hesitate calling it one of the greats. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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