Review of ATM

ATM (I) (2012)
Was actually pretty good
6 August 2012
No this movie isn't the greatest thing ever, yes there are a few things that make you go Hmmm. BUT... It is a tense movie. It's scary cause something like this could happen. I have a fear of being at an ATM and having someone rob me. Tho plays on that fear but adds more to it. There is a lot of hate on here about the film like plot holes and what not. Which there aren't as much as some would say. The obviously haven't watched the whole film. Things are answered in a way that actually makes you think about the motivates of the killer rather than big it down with why why why!!! And more of here you think about it. The characters may not be the best written but that's life, not everyone in the world are nice and that you can stand. It isn't a horror film but more of a thriller suspense like panic room or joy ride.
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