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29 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly didn't like this movie very much, there were many things wrong with it that ruined the immersion and messed up something which could have been good.

#1 where is batman? for the most part batman is a no show it's not until the final parts of the movie that you even really get to see him fight.

#2 Can character development fail? I think this movie proved it can, many movies attribute failure to not accurately linking you to the characters having too limited development of the character, this movie is proof of the opposite in many scenes they spent far too much time focusing on Bruce Wayne. They did this to the extent of completely neglecting many other aspect of the movie, things that should have been delved into that weren't all because too much of the movie was focused on Wayne...

#3 The villain makes the movie. Bane was not a good villain, his voice was difficult to understand in a large number of scenes and sometimes the background noise would override him. He just seemed more like a thug then a mastermind, and lacked believability. The so called "real" villain had no real character development only back story which to me is not enough to make her important. Also anyone who was a lover of the batman comics or TV show was probably also disappointed by the complete lack of the venom used to give bane his strength.

#4 Music and sound effects make a movie right? There were many times during the movie where I found myself distracted by a completely inappropriate sound byte or music that didn't quite fit the scene.

#5 abandonment of sub characters is a good thing? the butler leaving Bruce, and the lack of the use of Morgan Freemans character to me detracted from the movie a lot.

#6 batmans voice... something was just wrong with it it sounded like i was listening to one of those cheap voice changers you get at walmart. Was it just me or was it done much better in movie one?

In summary, I have to honestly say that it seems as if the focus of this movie was on two actors not on two characters. I couldn't find myself feeling for Bruce, or Robin, they were just... badly overdeveloped characters that instead of making me feel sad for them I just didn't care... Batman had 8 years to prepare and get ready for bane yet he wallows in self pity and lets his whole life go to pot over a girl? I just don't believe it. Batman is the definition of self hurt turned into helping others every time batman sinks deeper into the well of despair he hurts criminals more not less. he over came both of his parents dieing and leaving him alone as a child I just could not see him giving up because a girlfriend dies no matter how over developed they made his character.

If you like to think about things in a movie, I think you will find that there are too many "distractions" in this movie to allow for proper immersion and enjoyment.
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