The Dark Knight Rises review which is tedious and overstretched and over-hyped and chaotic, matching the style of the movie
26 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Don't waste your money, The Dark Knight was terribly awesome, every scene in that film as stand alone is better than this film.

It was overcrowded with characters, half of whom don't really add to the story, while taking up valuable screen time of the main characters. It missed Batman, this was essentially a film about Bruce Wayne and his problems. The story isn't just about good versus evil (which worked great in The Dark knight and helps focus the film's plot) but wants to explore all kinds of societies problems such as the stock market, evil bankers ('I have my money under the mattress' ("you evil bankster") and Occupy. Rather then exploring these themes thoroughly it just touches them and then moves on forgetting all about it. Further more, the action is really, really weak! This is a big issue for me since I love action movies, maybe other people will not care as much. But the fighting scenes between Batman and Bane are laughable. Just hitting each other in slow motion, my god, the guy threatens to kill 12 million people but Batman adheres to his code?? It worked great in The Dark Knight, since the Joker was essentially creating chaos, not direct annihilation of a city, but in this film it is totally out of context. That scene where 300 cops run into a fortified position of bad guys armed with AK-47's? OH REALLY?! Where were Batman's gadgets? Not the overblown helicopter thing (my god what an inconspicuous piece of engineering) but the subtle stuff, the smoke, the batclaw, whatever. Just like 007 missing Q, it just doesn't work. They had to repeat some amazing turn with his bike twice in the film just to show something reasonable interesting in the way of action, in Avengers this would have been in the background, once. Blurred. The stadium scene. Mehh, seen it already seventy times in the trailer. Oh.. The film drags on for an amazing 165 minutes! They would have had a better film cutting it with 60 minutes. It would have helped them focus and cut unnecessary scenes (alot you say? Yes!).

But the biggest problems with this film is the random stuff that completely sucks:

  • Openingscene: kidnap that doctor? OK. huh whats with the tube and the blood, ehm why do only Bane and that guy hang there after it crashes down when moments before there were like 6 bad guys in the plain on ropes? Huh oh never mind next scene!

  • Why why WHY does Bane hate batman so much? It is insinuated for most of the movie that Batman killed his father, but in the end it shows Bane has no real connection to Batman what so ever? Strange..

  • And that prison/dark pit, in which no sunlight ever shines? ITS LIT UP WITH THE SUN THE ENTIRE FILM!

  • Why do they keep talking on ice where everybody who steps foot on it falls through and dies? Thanks for saving me, lets continue the talk over there where we won't DIE?

  • Yeah let's kill the bad guy, not by batman but a support character, introduce the real villain, and kill her in a car crash 5 minutes later. And damnnnnn the acting in that scene deserves a razzie.

  • Better love story than twilight!

  • Yes Batman, everybody knows you are Bruce Wayne, you can start talking normal, saves you the cough the day after.

  • Bane.. ? Like three people SAY Bane is amazing big etc. But as a viewer, you don't see it, you just don't feel the menace, nothing. Because Bane isn't AT ALL MENACING OR BIG OR SCARY!! His voice, what a failure. Born in the Darkness! .. 140 minutes later, oh no, he wasn't? Or was he? No matter, he's dead. Let's not mention him again in the rest of the film.


  • Lucius Fox was in this movie?

  • Let's insinuate that Bane's goones are terrible and so committed and 'where does he get these guys?' Oh lets not explain that, lets move on to some surgeon in a prison in a foreign country, whos story we don't CARE ABOUT! AT ALL! PEETIME!

  • Government does not negotiate with terrorists! Next scene, 'they made a deal!' Sigh

  • Etc
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