Hostel: Part III (2011 Video)
Better than part II for sure
23 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In the intro we meet a creepy Ukranian couple in a hotel that stay a bit longer than they should and they run into the new guest, some innocent looking kid. But things aren't what they seem. Not long after, the couple finds itself in a cage.

Some guys organize a bachelor party for their friend in Vegas. Scott is the nice guy getting married, Carter is the smooth guy organizing the whole thing, Justin has a leg problem and has to use a crutch and Mike is the funny guy with the big mouth.

They go to a fictional stripper hotel where they run into a pair of escorts who invite them to a freaky party way off the Strip. And it sure is one hell of a party. They all end up back at their hotel the next day except for Mike, who ends up joining the Ukranian in a cage in a very secure compound. It's the upgraded Elite Hunting Club where it just isn't about someone paying to fulfill his bloody fantasies but also about an audience that bets on what goes on.

When the other 3 guys go looking for Mike, they are joined by one of the escorts who in turn is looking for her friend who spent the night with Mike. They are all caught by one of the EHC guys and will end up in the victim chair. There are a couple of twists near the end that are pretty neat.

Hostel III is a bit more polished and stylish than the first two. But it sure lacks in gore, brutality, and mean-spiritedness. It makes up for that with humor though and it does have some hilarious and memorable lines. There are some signs of a low budget but nothing distracting. Acting overall is very good. The absence of violence and gore put this movie almost more in a thriller category as all sorts of instruments of death are just presented but never used, it's the threat of it and the anticipation that make you cringe more than the actual death scene. This movie deviates from the tone set by the first two, but it's not an unwelcome change and it leaves room for improvement for the next installment that could carry the same style as this one but with more horror.
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