Speedy the matador
2 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Once the people have retired for their siesta the mice take over the bullring for a contest of their own; Speedy Gonzales will take on the role of the matador and hapless Sylvester will take on the role of the bull. As is usually the case things start badly for Sylvester then quickly get worse. At first he charges at Speedy but misses and crashes into the wall, then it nearly happens again but as he is about to hit the wall he turns and Speedy jabs a pin in his backside... while the mice watching the show cackle with glee. We then get a few gags involving anvils and ones involving a stick of dynamite and rocket propelled skates.

This was a fairly weak Speedy short as there was no real story; somebody had just thought it would be funny to see Speedy and Sylvester acting out a bullfight...we don't even get the witty dialogue that usually features in Speedy shorts. There was no explanation as to why Sylvester was there at all; usually he is at least guarding something the mice want but in this one he is just there behind a gate ready to be released into the ring. The anvil gags felt fairly stale and the rocket skates looked like something Wile E Coyote would be using. On the plus side I did like the time Speedy and Sylvester ran around the walls like motorbikes on a 'wall of death'. If you are a fan of Speedy Gonzales this is worth watching but it is hardly a must see.
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