Review of Predators

Predators (2010)
Different, less tech, best characters. I watch it over and over
9 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First time I saw this movie I was surprised at how different it was from the first 2. I later bought it on sale and just cant stop watching it. The characters, their interaction, how they work together and how they settup for continued relationship with the outworlders just amazes me. I love the scene where the criminal jumps on the Predator "F-you space fa&&*t"

Sometimes something different is better. The first movie was exceptional in how different it was and the fun characters. The second movie went to one extreme of bloodiness and how outrageously brave and durable little humans could seem to be. This third movie become the other extreme of really knowing the characters. I love it. If we can see generations of Earth's best matchup against these predators and then maybe even join them against a common enemy later on ? This series hasn't even begin to be exhausted.

Really awesome movie by itself for the military minded AND a great intro to a whole new set of space alien genre films.

These movies get better and better and better. Awesome.
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