Made in Paris (1966)
At least Ann-Margret dances
26 January 2012
One of the series of mediocre films that saw Ann-Margret's film career stagnate until 'Carnal Knowledge', 'Made In Paris' looks great, has a decent cast and should be at the very least a harmless timewaster. But it's not even that.

What really sinks it is (as other reviews here have noted) how badly written Ann-Margret's character is, going from prim and naive to a wildcat with no rhyme or reason.

I think this is because the film was trying to have its cake and eat it too in trying to represent both the more permissive culture that was developing in mid-1960s America (even though this is mainly set in Paris), while dealing with the restrictions of the conservative Hays Code, then in its dying days. Unfortunately, the script and direction aren't good enough to overcome this contradiction and the film is a largely dreary mess.

Ann-Margret is largely sunk by the horribly-written character she's saddled with. But she does display her skills during a fun dance number and provides some entertainment when briefly showing her 'wild side'.

Of the rest of the cast, Crenna comes off best with a role that you wish had been more substantial. Everett is dull and Adams is wasted in a nothing role that is even more poorly-scripted than Ann-Margret's is.

Only for die-hard Ann-Margret fans.
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