Hostel: Part III (2011 Video)
The worst Hostel ever
18 January 2012
I wish i could say simply "the worst hostel ever". This film is actually one of the worst films i'd ever seen. There can't even be a comparison between this movie and it's predecessors, this is by far a film poorly written, poorly directed, just made out for a specific type of viewer which i doubt can even satisfy. The film begins normally and the maker's thought that they could make some twists on who to blame as the bad guy so the movie could avoid clichés. Unfortunately, those twists last are directed so "cheaply" that my reaction was an actual face palm every time this film though it was being clever. None of the characters is a unique, interesting kind of person. The good guys behavior is one hundred percent predictable, some people that are presented as the bad guys are more than ridiculous and the villains don't really convince themselves to be so mean, even in the worst time when they seem to enjoy a face cut. The acting in this film is so bad, i had to stop watching and stare at the wall sometimes. But what's even worse is the direction. This film reminds me of some cheap 80's horror movie who's director is some failed writer who decided to try his luck on the big screen. In conclusion, this film should not have been made at all. All i hope is they don't make another one because honestly, after this it will take hard work to bring the franchise to the horror level of the original picture.
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