Hostel: Part III (2011 Video)
Doesn't deserve the Hostel name
14 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Apparently the makers of this movie did no research on what a hostel is, nor did they watch the first two Hostel movies. The whole idea of the movies is that there is a hostel where foreigners share a space for a low price. The object of the club is to pay to kill someone in a manner of your choice. This movie took place in Las Vegas and there were actually only two people that stayed at the "hostel." Also, the victims were well separated, not kept in cells facing one another. Not even really secure cells, thee doors were metal pipes covered with hurricane fencing. As an avid horror movie watcher, I was able to predict each of their plot "twists" long before they came. At the end of the movie, the fiancé has an urn that is supposed to contain the remains of her beloved that went to Vegas to celebrate his final days as a single man. As an unmarried couple, she would not have a right to his remains. I know it sounds trivial, but by the end of this predictable, non-horrific movie, it was just the kind of annoyance that put me over the edge and made me hate the movie. The writers also overlooked what might actually kill someone, healing time of wounds and how the club and murder scene tied in as one place. Poor script...after all but 2 of the known captives are killed... "Kill the prisoners! Kill ALL of them!"
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