Independence day, with less story, worse writing, and More Orchestra
1 December 2011
Starts out very entertaining with the ideas and great visual effects but waxes maudlin often. Sloppy pacing, hasty parts interleaved with lazy parts are jarring. Besides the viewer wanting to yell "get moving" it just seems as if the director and crew filmed some parts after coffee, and others after having a huge carb-heavy lunch and skipped their nap.

Why does the dialog hurt? It's not only painful to watch soldiers standing idle while the battle isn't finish, but they're listening to a self-righteous, sappy speech from a middle-school play. Independence Day was maudlin and middle-school simplistic too, but that story had a backbone. This story could be summarized in 20 seconds. And half of that would be "like Independence Day but less cool". Overused, loud, pushy orchestral score.
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