Taiwan box office miracle
14 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A Hong Kong business guru, when presented with the initial screenplay, predicted that this movie's box office take to be lower than 20 million Taiwan dollars. While still counting, the latest gross has already exceeded 400 million.

It is easy to like this bitter-sweet adolescent romance and coming of age story although it doesn't have the depth of "Lan se da men" (Blue Gate Crossing) almost a decade ago, also from Taiwan:


The first three quarters of "You are the apple of my eye" is pretty much what you expect from this genre. Towards the end, it moves up one notch, particularly in a phone dialogue between the protagonists after an earthquake. The two leads Michelle Chen and Zhendong Ke have good chemistry and is each endearing in a special way. The supports are good. It is interesting that in this purportedly very close biopic of Giddens Ko (magazines have published some photos of the real people), while the guys are modelled after the real-life counter parts, Hu Chai-Wei, alias Wan Wan the popular Taiwanese comic book author is a real person "implanted" into the movie.
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