Avoid, avoid,,,, spare the regrets........
31 October 2011
I don't remember how i came across this movie but i think its because of some guy who has rated this movie in his blog. it was included in some list of his 'best movies of the year' or something. anyway i read the synopsis which was interesting and decided to give it a try-- "BIG MISTAKE". this is the first time that i got this urge to go and write a review for a movie. yes, its that much of a waste. i had seen much much worse movies but i never had this much hate. maybe its the dumb storyline , maybe its the crappy dialogues, maybe its the lifeless characters. no way, this movie deserves above 5 or even any rating in IMDb. i don't know how to describe my emotions after seeing this movie; hate, regret, resent, stupid or nauseated. so please please avoid this movie and spare the regrets, nausea , hate or whatever. rating 0/10
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