Ra.One (2011)
One of SRK's worst movies
27 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Any SRK films comes with huge hype and why not......he has always been associated with good and popular films. So when Ra One was announced I like millions of others were eager to see the movie. Before watching it I had only one apprehension, The director was Anubhav Sinha who had made films like Cash (Memories of my worst film watching experience). But then I thought, its a SRK film and he himself is the producer (his wife Gauri is actually the producer, I should not worry.........

With lot of excitement I pre booked my and my family's tickets. Well the The Day came and we went to the theater. 2 and half hours later thanks to Mr. Anubhav Sinha's direction (and script) and Mr Khan over acting and some crude jokes and some cool effects (the only good parts) I was reminded of the memories of Cash.........

Just pouring in money and showing special effects doesn't help a film become good. Love Story 2050 had good effects, but the movie? well lets not talk about it. The characterization is half baked, the plot, nothing, the story...... Its a fairy tale in a fairy world, its that bizarre.

The rating should be around 3 but since I saw many readers (read SRK blind fans) gave it high rating I have reduced the rating to balance it. Save money, save time, save energy.....save yourself from watching RA One..........
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