Disturbing and lacks a good moral.
20 October 2011
I only came across this short cause it was shown on Rifftrax. Mike, Kevin, & Bill were able to make it a little funny, but the short itself isn't a walk in the park. It has to do with a boy who feels wonderful every time he hold a doll in his arms. This proves to be a problem towards his single father, especially when the boy's grandfather understands his grandson's desires and buys him a doll that's no where near suitable for a boy to own.

I don't find this short to be watchable, cause I feel this short film lacks a good moral towards kids with unusual desires. If this short was meant to not have a moral then it's a really weak story. I'm only left to imagine how a kid owning a doll will turn out when he gets older. I can't imagine anyone's grandfather resorting to buying their own grandkid something that's no for boys. Anyways it's a public domain short so it's easy to find. If you do watch it don't say I don't warn you about it.
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