50/50 (2011)
50/50 chance of being nominated for best picture
30 September 2011
This movie has received raves from every critic that I've heard from so going in I had very high expectations. Thankfully they were met. 50/50 is a superb film that tells the story of a man diagnosed with Cancer at an early age and finds out his odds are 50/50. First thing first, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite actors and this is such a tremendous performance. One scene towards the end of the movie brought me to tears because he was so good. Seth Rogen plays the same basic role, however he isn't annoying in this movie. He does go a little over the top at times but it isn't anything overly dramatic. The script written by Seth Rogen's best friend Will Reiser is based on his story of going through the process of learning that he had Cancer and how he dealt with it (Reiser not Rogen just to be clear). This is well directed and extraordinarily paced. The thing that impresses me most about this film besides Joseph is the fact that I never once asked myself how much longer the film was while watching. I was so engaged and into the story that I was just watching the movie and not thinking about anything else. That RARELY happens with me. It will be a crime if this film isn't nominated for Best picture, screenplay, actor, and supporting cast members (not all). I can understand if people are hesitant on seeing this movie for fear of it being too depressing given the subject matter but I assure you that it is a joy to watch. It has great comedy in it and while emotional it's just too good to miss. Please do not deny yourself the pleasure of watching this amazing film. It is worth it.
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