The Survivor (1998)
22 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a terrible movie in nearly every way, so bad it's not even fun to mock. Your first clue about how bad this movie will be is in the opening credits, the company that backed the movie was named "Puerto Rican Investors' Tax Credit Film Fund. If they have so little imagination in naming that group, how much imagination will the movie have? Zero. It borrows from a dozen far superior movies (No Escape and Mad Max to name two), has no pacing or believable dialog, acting that ranges from poor to awful (Richard Moll how could you?), and a story that tries to be complex but is only tedious. As another review says, it's supposedly set in a distant future where the Earth is long- abandoned yet they wear clothing and carry weapons identical to what we use today while following military protocol a group of grade-school laser taggers would ridicule.

I only watched this because the Movie Channel listing was very inaccurate, I only wish I'd seen the movie about an alien thawing in the Arctic to try to take over the Earth. That would be derivative but almost certainly better than this dreck. Do yourself a favor and look at an empty aquarium for 90 minutes instead.
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