Red State (2011)
Silent theater, Silent Bob...
9 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I first read about this movie when it was just called "Kevin Smith horror project". I was so exited to see Kevin Smith take the step from stoner comedy to a political, dark movie, as I thought this was. Being a fan of Clerks, Dogma and Silent Bob himself, I didn't think he could make a movie I didn't like. I didn't expect to laugh, obviously, but this movie didn't give me anything at all!

I recently watched the documentary "Small town, Gay bar" from 2007 with Kevin Smith as one of the executive producers. The documentary evolves around the Westboro Baptist church led by Fred Phelps. A fanatic religious cult that don't like gay people very much. Sounds familiar? Well, it would if you had seen "Red State". At one point in the movie a police officer even compares the cult to the WBC and Fred Phelps. The documentary scared me more than this movie did.

The actors did an OK job with a slow script , but I don't predict any Oscars in the future, not for this anyway. Anna Gunn and Matt L. Jones from "Breaking Bad" had small parts and I enjoyed seeing "Badger" as a police officer, that actually did make me laugh :o)

In other words, I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. Its not scary, its not shocking and its just not a very good movie. Please go back to making movies about what you know Kevin Smith. We can't all be serious. Comedy is an art itself :o)
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