Review of Sex Problem

Sex Problem (1973)
Loop carrier with barely a few moments of interest
30 August 2011
CARNAL CURE relies on the old saw of a shrink having sex with his patient. But most of its blessedly brief running time is composed of recycled stag loops the quack shows to the hapless lass to loosen her up first. It has been revived on Vol. 148 of Something Weird's Dragon Art Theatre series.

Yet another precursor to the MST3K formula (but without the humor), CURE shows us 16mm stag films, with the two protagonists narrating. The shrink looks like a Latino pimp and drones on repetitively about releasing one's inhibitions and the like. Our heroine comments lamely on the XXX action she's seeing, alternately in awe ("what a large penis!") and eventually getting turned on.

After watching three stag loops, the duo get it on. Our fake doc does have a big cock, but after a good deal of humping he fails to produce a money shot, unlike his more able MOS stag brethren.

The leading lady is a winsome porn actress, clearly unable to put a career together but attractive here. In the loops, Starlyn Simone (with her attractive nipple cones) is a standout servicing George Peters, while the obscure but beautiful Diane of "American Sexual Revolution" is the blonde of Loop #1. The shrink is played by her male co-star "Bob" in "American Sexual Revolution", but they don't get to hook up again here.
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