Hot Shots! (1991)
Top Gun is funnier.
17 July 2011
Having recently watched the entire god-awful Scary Movie series over four successive evenings, I vowed to do my chuckle muscles a favour and reacquaint myself with some of the genuinely hilarious 'send-ups' from my youth; so why the hell did I sit down and re-watch Hot Shots, which, although a slight improvement over the Wayans Brothers/David Zucker horror comedies, is far from a side-splitting classic? Most likely because I remember it as being funnier than it actually is, or maybe I was just confusing it with Part Deux.

Whatever the reason, seeing the film again has done little to restore my love for the spoof genre, being a very hit and miss affair that primarily lampoons 80s blockbuster Top Gun, but also throws in random references to other films along the way. A few of the gags are funny (I enjoyed the silly repeat joke with the chihuahua), but the greater percentage fall flat on their face; given how rapid-fire the jokes are, that's an awful lots of groans over 84 minutes.

I guess I'm going to have to go even further back through the annals of comedy to find a really good parody; I just hope that Airplane, Top Secret and The Naked Gun are actually as good as I think they are.
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