The Brady Bunch (1969–1974)
After This Review I Am Deleting The Fact That I Have Seen This From My History
6 July 2011
Architect Mike Brady marries beautiful young Carol, who has three girls to care for. Likewise, Mike's previous wife's death has left him to raise his three boys all alone. In no time this amalgam becomes the ideal average American middle class family. Of course, raising such a large family isn't easy, so live-in housekeeper Alice Nelson is always there to lend a hand.

I Cannnot Think Of A Show Worse. This Is Me Being As Honest As I Can Be (Because I Can't Swear) For This Review. My Mother Loves This Show And I Was Subjected To It Then. Say What Anyone Else Can Say But This Show Is Cheezy & Pointless As It Is Famous. Some Jokes Can Go Like This: One Of The Girls Is Juliet In The School Play & The Role Has Gone To Her Head & After The Parents Find Out & She Leaves The Mother Says "If An Actress Can Be Judged By Her Temper Then She's Ready For An Oscar". *I Split My Sides Guys In The Writing Chair, No Keep Making These Scripts As Long As You Want, No Seriously You Are The Greatest Comedy Writers Ever*.

If you thought I was being sarcastic then you are absolutely right and I think that those laughs you hear would be the studio showing them something that is worthwhile and recording the laugh there while The Brady Bunch was playing (I think the same thing about the show Full Frontal). The rating 6.9 overrates it by far, it should be in the 4 point something section (I am so generous).

Overall I Think I've Said It: Weak Jokes, Terrible Acting & At The End Of Every Episode Everything Is Back To Normal, I Don't Mind Shows Like That But It Gives The Audience No Character Development For Anyone.
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