The Room (2003)
Delightfully Abysmal
28 June 2011
Don't let the one star rating fool you; The Room is an absolute must watch for lovers of awful cinema. It is by far and large the most horrendously incompetent film I have ever had the ironic pleasure of viewing. Everything is just so wrong- the plot is something that would be unacceptable by soap opera standards, the script appears to have been written by a five year old, shots seem to go in and out of focus at an alarming frequency, stock footage is over-used, and the horrendously wooden acting must be seen to be believed.

There's so much else that's wrong with the film, but to go into further detail would ruin the amusement factor. Just know that if you choose to watch this unintentionally fantastic piece of entertainment that you're in for a treat. The best way to experience it is with a few friends at a cinema with a bunch of other rowdy, like-minded people, but if no cinema near to you shows it, then buy the DVD, invite some friends over, get really drunk, and then watch.

As a film, The Room is a undeniably a failure of unmatched proportions, but as piece of humorous entertainment, it's superb. It's awful but it's a must-watch.
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