Messy, vile, depraved, yet unfortunately watchable
5 June 2011
I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. I had the ultimate misfortune of viewing this twisted piece of cinema a few nights ago, and it hurts to have to remember all those hypnotic film techniques and disturbing images. Natural Born Killers is a chaotic experience, to say the least. First off, I'll just say that I didn't hate this film. There are some solid performances, with Robert Downey Jr being the stand out in my opinion. The script is decent, as is the soundtrack, and when the movie isn't going over-the-top with the off-kilter camera angles, flashing lights, slow motion, subliminal images, and different colors, it can be interesting to watch.

However, there is just way too much of the above mentioned "effects," and they detract from what could be an incredible movie. I don't know what purpose they served, other than making the film have a "unique" (and headache-inducing) style. The film's style isn't the only thing that'll make your head hurt. Natural Born Killers was made to criticize and satire America's obsession for violence, and while at first a fascinating concept, its constantly shoved down your throat nearly every five minutes, so much so you'll get a headache from that too after about an hour.

And I hate to sound like an old fart, but the film did go overboard with the violence. It's not so much what is shown but rather the nature of it; I don't want to give anything away, but some of the things shown sickened me (most of all some subliminal flashes of what looked like graphic images from The Holocaust; completely unnecessary and offensive in a film like this).

The violence is gratuitous and forced, and while that is probably the point, that didn't stop it from making me feel nauseous and even a little angry. Still, check it out if you have a strong stomach and are willing to see something unique. It's not a bad film, but my God is it brutal and inhumane.
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