Light Touch within a Light Touch
9 May 2011
The dialog has that rare combination of smart, quirky, and subtle that is such a thirst-quencher for the intellectual. This is the thinking man's Marty. No, I had never heard of it either, but it might do you well to get a little familiar with the 1955 movie with Ernest Borgnine before watching this one, e.g. the excerpts on YouTube. And not only because the plot talks about a remake.

Jeff Garlin, charming, never maudlin.

Sarah Silverman is her thoroughly attractive self. As the lead says, what can he do, he likes them young and insane. When she's uncomfortably over-the-top, it's the character's fault, not the actor's.

Bonnie Hunt, what can I say, she is never less than a treat with a cherry on top.

The main thing I'd add to the excellent reviews by Ed Uyeshima and CountryJim: pay close attention. The last three minutes say an awful lot. The big twist in the middle left me feeling abandoned. The denouement at the end tied me back in.
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