What just... How... Why... What?!
15 April 2011
This is the only movie I've ever come across that actually do not deserve more than one star, out of ten. But don't let that fool you, it's the worst star ever. it's completely unmotivated to speak for the quality of the film.

I have now viewed this film on several occasions, hoping to make some sense out of it. But no, I still do not know what my eyes has just seen.

It baffles me.

This movie is the film adaptation of the question mark. Upon viewing this, you will find yourself wondering; "Who would say that?!", "Why did you do that?!", "What did that have to do with anything?!", "Where are you?!", "How big is this house?!", "Where did that zombie come from?!", "Why did he just catch fire?!", "Why is it brighter than the sun if it's in the middle of the night?!", "where are all the birds?!".

Almost every scene and every piece of dialogue gives birth to a set of questions that will forever be without answers. No actions taken by the characters makes any kind of sense. No words spoken makes any kind of sense. I'm still not sure about the plot! What the hell is this movie about, why are they so dumb and why would they do the things they do? And where are all the murdering birds?!

I want to understand this movie, I really do. I've got so many questions! Where did the zombie/zombies (still not sure if there's actually more than one) come from? What did the intro "flashback" got to do with the rest of the film? Why are they just aimlessly running around in this house, committing random acts of stupidity? Where does all the smoke come from? And the lights?! The lights?! Oh God!

Who green lighted this?! Somebody along the production line must have noticed how bad it was?

Take this as a warning. I do not enjoy to bitch about movies, I am a huge fan of B-movies and euro trash and there's always SOMETHING good about a film. But I can't find anything that works here. The camera works, the audio, the plot, the acting, the effects... It's just not good. There is nothing good about it. I do not lie.

This film has a negative entertainment value. You loose previous fun you've had when you watch this. It leaves you with an empty feeling inside and enough questions to last you a life time.

...Why? :(
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