Better than what people think if you can pass BAD CGI
14 March 2011
OK, first of all i have to admit i buy ed that movie(5$) because of the beauty on the cover(i know bad word game...lol) but seriously Estalla Warren in such a hottie in that movie. After that i did knew the overall plot of the fairytale so knew what to expect. Lets just say as for the story it was pretty decent working with something you already know and still have to follow a little bit. Some people say the acting is terrible, maybe its because i watched the movie in french and it was obviously dub, but i think they did a decent job. I remember old VVS titles back in the early 2000 had terrible dubbing sounding like a cheap erotic movie on cable, but they improved that and its fine now. My only negative point is the very BAD, CHEAP, TERRIBLE CGI which in my opinion was Unnessary. They could have go with a man in a suit for the creature instead of CGI. The creature look by itself is not so bad but its the gore stuff when it attack that looks terrible. I don't know the budget for this so i will not be too hard, it didn't ruin the movie for me, but i can understand people not liking it because of it. It does look so fake and cheap.
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