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Hot Shots! (1991)
Top shot
18 January 2011
Well, I'm a sucker for James Brooks' spoofs of popular films and even though I've (purposely) never watched "Top Gun", I laughed loud and often at the million and one gags offered here. Charlie Sheen plays it deadpan throughout, with Valeria Golino adding some Latin passion as his "torn between two lovers" psychiatrist and of course Lloyd Bridges replaying his patented Patton gone mad routine.

References to numerous other Hollywood blockbusters from the recent and not so recent past abound, as per usual, the funniest being the skit on "The Fabulous Baker Brothers" and the "frying tonight" send up of "9 1/2 weeks" (you should see what this girl can do with an olive!).

There are as many sight as verbal gags and naturally the scattergun approach means that one or two of the jokes will have you wincing, but don't worry, a belly laugh will be along soon enough. And for what it's worth, the flying circus shots are very well done. I have "Part Deux" recorded and will hasten to watch it the very next time I need a good laugh after a long day at work - that'll be soon then!
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