Excellent Satire; well worth watching!
9 January 2011
I'd never heard of this film until watching it today, & what a shame that is! The title may have been off-putting to mass-distribution, but it's a clever metaphor for the allegory of oblivious parents in a sunny, picture-perfect California suburb. The children of these parents are completely jaded & disconnected; the parents, who skim the surface of their daily routines, have no idea who their children are or what they do---& therein lies the clincher. The plot unfolds after a pivotal event shakes up the balance of suburbia.

The satire is sharp, well-written, & a perfect foil for our modern society. This is "Leave it to Beaver" meets "Halloween" in some ways; suburbia is not what it appears, & danger is lurking in every sunny, well-planned street. The parents, in my opinion, have the same kind of moral disconnect---leaving no moral impressions upon their children for them to learn & grow with---that one imagines could happen with those who "act out" as the Columbine killers or the Virginia Tech killer did...No one paid any attention; no one had the depth to care & notice that something was terribly amiss. Everyone is so busy with "activities" that no one has any awareness.

This is a great little gem of a movie that is well worth your time---don't miss it!
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