Paul Simon, Paul Simon and more Paul Simon
29 November 2010
I wonder about this episode. I loved the first five seasons of this show , but this episode had to be the worst episode ever. It seemed to me that Lorne Michaels lost a bet to Paul Simon and had to feature him for most of this episode. Basically this episode had few comic moments and even the one funny skit with Paul Simon playing basketball with an NBAer, had Pauls music blasting. This was basically a Paul Simon concert with a number from Randy Newman and Phoebe Snow as well as Art Garfunkle doing duets with Paul. This was an atrocious episode and the only time the cast did not bow out at the end. My guess is that even they were upset at the direction of the show and refused to be a part of the final curtain. I can not say I blame them. What were they thinking or maybe not thinking at all? I do not know . Maybe Paul Simons label paid for the production of the episode to promote Pauls latest concert or record.
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